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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Relax in our outdoor bathtub, Number 5 Southwold.

Hot tub in Southwold? - well, I love this fun, laid back approach (to a bath tub outside). This calming way to relax under the stars is a sure win for me.

Stock tanks are popping up everywhere, and are simple and easy to use. The model we have is oval shaped and holds roughly twice as much water as a conventional bathtub and can seat 2-adults.

If you are unfamiliar with stock tanks, they are large tanks made from galvanized steel. They are clean and easy to be cleaned, freshly filled with water from the garden tap, connected to a heating source, even possible a pool filter. The bath water can be let out in the garden. The trend has become popular since the pandemic and there are now no shortage of resources to understand how the mechanics work.

I've opted for a gorgeous log burning system through a coil that slowly warms the water in the bath.

After a long day, take a bath in a tub that offers you rejuvenation and refreshment. The idea of taking a bath outside can provide a lot of pleasure and will encourage relaxation as you see nature all around you. Adding screening, may provide some privacy. There is a cantilever umbrella in the garden for you to shade.

Our outdoor soak is available by specific request with your booking. To book, go to

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